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The Spirit of the Holidays: Hope, Love, and Joy

As the year draws to a close, Strategic Financial Reporting Inc, as a company, desires to place its focus on the warmth and happiness that the holidays bring.

It has been on our hearts, that with inflation, the current state of the economy, the ships stuck in the ports of Los Angeles, San Pedro, and Long Beach, and with financial uncertainty and strains; that we step back from the commercialized focus of the Holidays and turn our attention to what we believe is the true spirit of this most sacred and traditional holiday: Family, Friends, Hope, Love, and Joy.

Celebrate the True Reason for the Season

Over the years, America has done a marvelous job of commercializing Christmas in almost every way possible. While celebrating this time of year in such a way is enjoyable, the traditions of reading stories, baking with friends and family, and spending time with loved ones have been less of the focal point.

As a company, we are looking forward to spending the most valuable currency on our loved ones: Time. Whether it is baking and decorating cookies for your neighbors, friends, and family, singing Christmas carols door-to-door, reading stories about Santa, a red-nosed reindeer, and the story of a newborn baby in a manger, the celebration of the festival of lights and Channukah, if it is just as simple as smothering our family and friends with love and presence, or something different alltogether. Each tradition is special and brings us all together in a way that no gift in the world can possibly buy.

Let us embrace hope for a brighter tomorrow, our love for each other, and joy in the many blessings we do have.


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