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Our team of certified accounting and bookkeeping professionals works diligently and collaboratively to bring you individualized attention and effective, timely financial management solutions. At Strategic Financial Reporting, we love what we do, and we can't wait to help you! Hover over a team member's description to see all of their certifications or to book an appointment with them.

Meetings and appointments with the team are billable, if you are interested in finding out more information and would like a free meeting, you can schedule your free 1-hour consultation with Charity to learn how you can benefit from working with us.

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Charity A. Agar
CEO and Tax Strategist

Charity A. Agar founded SFR in 2010 to create paperless, online accounting with internal control systems. She has 30 years of experience in government accounting, non-profit, and taxation; holds a B.A. in Business Administration and a B.A. in Accounting, and is a California Registered Tax Preparer (CRTP). Charity is a certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Online, Point of Sale, Enterprise ProAdvisor, and is a guru.


Here at SFR, Charity loves being able to provide teaching and financial clarity in such a way that business owners can make effective decisions. Her favorite part of the job is helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners create abundance for themselves, their families, and their teams with strategic bookkeeping processes that yield tax savings.

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Jana T.
Bookkeeping Manager

Jana joined the SFR team as a bookkeeper in 2017, and has since stepped into a Management position. She has her B.A. in Accounting, and 20+ years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping.

Since joining us, Jana has shown how invaluable her skills are. She now oversees all of our bookkeepers and is always ready to support them and ensure that each client is matched with a bookkeeper that best meets their needs. She specializes in creating clarity in financial reporting, working with larger clients, finding new systems of integration for restaurant and bar clients, and streamlining complex procedures.

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Farra H.
Tax Associate

Farra joined SFR in 2020, and she now has 4+ years of experience with accounting and tax preparation under her belt. She received her B.A. in Accounting from Arizona State University, is a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, and is a California Registered Tax Preparer (CRTP).

Since joining us, Farra has become an integral part of our tax preparation and administrative teams. She specializes in data entry, QuickBooks Desktop to Online conversions, preparing Corporate tax returns, and new entity creation. She also supports all of our clients with required compliances and filings at the federal, state, and local levels.

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Carolyn V.
Accounting Specialist

Carolyn became a member of the SFR team in 2012, and she currently has 22+ years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping. She has her B.A. in Accounting and is a certified QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor. 

As an Accounting Specialist with SFR, Carolyn excels in working with multi-state businesses and manufacturing businesses, inventory management, and strategic problem solving for internal controls. She is able to support her clients best through maintaining details, solving problems, and her favorite - a whole lotta math.

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Erica G.
Accounting Specialist

Erica SFR as a bookkeeper and accountant in January of 2020, and she currently has 6+ years of experience in accounting and another year of experience in accounting and bookkeeping. She obtained her B.A. in Accounting from Murray State University, and is a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor.

Erica is a highly productive and reliable part of our team. She specializes in project and class reporting, working with nonprofit organizations, and she is highly detail-oriented. Working with our clients allows her to help them achieve strategic business objectives through accounting support.

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Kim H.

Kim joined SFR's team in November of 2021 and currently has 19+ years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting support. She is also a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor.

Kim has a keen eye for detail and a real love for numbers. She specializes in working with nonprofit organizations, and large businesses with complex systems that require additional attention. Working with SFR allows her to help business owners understand their numbers so they can reach their goals and make well-informed decisions through Kim's guidance.

Mike R.
Senior Analyst/Accountant

Mike has been working as a Senior Analyst and Accountant with SFR since 2014 and has 16+ years of experience in financial analysis and accounting. He has an MBA from the University of Texas and a B.A. in Finance from Eastern Washington University.

Mike specializes in Financial Planning and Analysis, Budgeting and Forecasting (including Cash Flow), GL Accounting (GAAP), Financial Presentations, and C-Level Advisement. He enjoys the finance and accounting world because it allows him to help businesses make sense of their numbers, provide actionable financial analysis, and partner in the success of everyone he services.

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Summer K.
Operations Analyst

Summer joined SFR in September of 2020, and she has 4+ years of experience in procedural engineering. She obtained her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cal State University Fullerton. 

Summer specializes in implementing new technologies to support growth and refine processes. She also supports our team with security maintenance and technical support. Working for SFR allows her to create clarity and bring about improvements within the company and for our clients. If you have ever thought "there has to be a better way" then Summer can find it!

Updated 08.24.2022