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Meet Our Team

Certified professionals ready to help your business grow.

Our team of certified accounting and bookkeeping professionals works diligently and collaboratively to bring you individualized attention and effective, timely financial management solutions. At Strategic Financial Reporting, we love what we do and can't wait to help you! Hover over a team member's description to see all of their certifications or to book an appointment with them.

Meetings and appointments with the team are billable, if you are interested in finding out more information and would like a free meeting, you can schedule your free 1-hour consultation with Charity to learn how you can benefit from working with us.

Our Team
Professional Young Woman
Charity A. Agar
CEO and Tax Strategist

Charity A. Agar founded SFR in 2010 to create paperless, online accounting with internal control systems. She has 30 years of experience in government accounting, non-profit, and taxation, holds a B.A. in Business Administration and a B.A. in Accounting, and is a California Registered Tax Preparer (CRTP). Charity is a certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Online, Point of Sale, and Enterprise ProAdvisor and is a guru.


Here at SFR, Charity loves providing teaching and financial clarity so that business owners can make effective decisions. Her favorite part of the job is helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners create abundance for themselves, their families, and their teams with strategic bookkeeping processes that yield tax savings.

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Confident Businesswoman
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Jana T.
Accounting & Client Success Manager

Jana joined the SFR team as a bookkeeper in 2017 and has since stepped into a Management position. She has a B.A. in accounting and 20+ years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping.

Since joining us, Jana has shown how invaluable her skills are. She now oversees all our bookkeepers and is always ready to support them and ensure each client is matched with a bookkeeper that best meets their needs. She specializes in creating clarity in financial reporting, working with larger clients, finding new systems of integration for restaurant and bar clients, and streamlining complex procedures.

QB Certified ProAdvisor Online.png
Farra H.
Tax Associate

Farra joined SFR in 2020 and has 4+ years of experience in accounting and tax preparation. She received her B.A. in Accounting from Arizona State University, is a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, and is a California Registered Tax Preparer (CRTP).

Since joining us, Farra has become an integral part of our tax preparation and administrative teams. She specializes in data entry, QuickBooks Desktop to Online conversions, preparing Corporate tax returns, and creating new entities. She also supports all of our clients with required compliances and filings at the federal, state, and local levels.

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QB Certified ProAdvisor Online Advanced.png
Carolyn V.
Accounting Specialist

Carolyn joined the SFR team in 2012 and has 22+ years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping. She has a B.A. in Accounting and is a certified QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor. 

As an Accounting Specialist with SFR, Carolyn excels in working with multi-state and manufacturing businesses, inventory management, and strategic problem-solving for internal controls. She best supports her clients by maintaining details, solving problems, and—her favorite—a whole lotta math.

QB Certified ProAdvisor Online.png
Erica G.
Accounting Specialist

Erica joined SFR as a bookkeeper and accountant in January 2020 and currently has 6+ years of accounting experience and another year in accounting and bookkeeping. She obtained her B.A. in Accounting from Murray State University and is a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor.

Erica is a highly productive and reliable member of our team. She specializes in project and class reporting and working with nonprofit organizations. She is highly detail-oriented. Working with our clients allows her to help them achieve strategic business objectives through accounting support.

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Michelle S.

Michelle joined SFR's team in August 2022 and has 24+ years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting support. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology from Hope College in Holland, MI, and a Master of Science in Communication Sciences & Disorders from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Since joining the SFR team, Michelle’s keen eye for detail and well-rounded communication skills make her a key factor for the team. She specializes in supporting clients behind the scenes with clear precise information. She is a Master of Communications and prides herself on having a great support system for her clients and co-workers. 

Mike R.
Senior Analyst/Accountant

Mike has been working as a Senior Analyst and Accountant with SFR since 2014 and has 16+ years of experience in financial analysis and accounting. He has an MBA from the University of Texas and a B.A. in Finance from Eastern Washington University.

Mike specializes in Financial Planning and Analysis, Budgeting and Forecasting (including Cash Flow), GL Accounting (GAAP), Financial Presentations, and C-level Advice. He enjoys the finance and accounting world because it allows him to help businesses understand their numbers, provide actionable financial analysis, and partner in the success of everyone he services.

Office Coordinator

Justin has been a member of the SFR team since January 2023 and is pursuing a career in Accounting. He is currently attending school in Southern New Hampshire to get a degree in Business Accounting. For the time being, he is getting his foot in the door as an office coordinator.


Since joining the SFR team, Justin's hard work ethic and attention to detail have made him a great addition. His favorite part of working with SFR is the family-friendly vibe and its supportive coworkers. He specializes in support services for accurately detailed data entry and helping others see what is outside the box. His favorite part about accounting is helping others become their best selves.

Justin M.
Bookkeeper & HR Advisor
Tricia W.

Tricia has been a member of the SFR team since April 2023 and has experience in bookkeeping services and the human resource department. Since joining the SFR team, Tricia has helped the team members achieve a safer workplace, development, and security.  She has a Master's in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the University of Illinois.

Tricia loves working at SFR because it offers freedom and clarity to focus on her work. She specializes in human resources, but her favorite thing about bookkeeping is seeing how all the different financial aspects of the company work together and reconcile in the end. “It is like a fun puzzle.”

Nicole K.

Nicole has been a member of the SFR team since September 2022 and has 21+ years of experience in financial analysis and bookkeeping. She obtained her B.S. in both Accounting and Computer Science from Providence College.  

Nicole’s favorite part of working at SFR is working with clients in various industries. With her amazing teamwork and ability to shine behind the scenes, Nicole has become a valuable member of the SFR team. In general, her love for being a bookkeeper comes from helping business owners free up time to focus on growing their businesses. Her specialties include excellent attention to detail, problem-solving, and finding ways to help companies save resources.  

Nicole Photo - 23.png
QB Certified ProAdvisor Online.png
Tonika W.
Tax Associate

Tonika joined SFR in December 2022, and she now has 10+ years of tax experience with individual returns, and 2+ years of bookkeeping in her repertoire. She graduated from Clark State University with an Associate Degree in Accounting, is a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, and is a California Registered Tax Preparer (CRTP).

Tonika specializes in data entry, attention to detail, and individual tax returns. Her favorite thing about accounting is that it's like a puzzle—small pieces that come together to get the bigger financial picture. Tonika loves being challenged and collaborating on various tasks and projects. 

CTEC and CRTP.png
Donna W.
Accounts Receivable Clerk

Donna joined SFR's team in October 2023 and has 25+ years of experience in accounting. She loves the positivity, respect, and collaborative environment that prioritizes client care.


She finds joy in the order and balance of maintaining clean and organized financial records. Her specialties include fulfilling the needs of business owners, extending beyond traditional accounting services.  This holistic approach allows her to contribute significantly to a business's success.  She appreciates the balance these processes bring, from recording transactions accurately to generating insightful financial reports that inform strategic decision-making.

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