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Grow your Business

When you started your business, you joined an exceptional group of people: entrepreneurs. It is an exciting, terrifying, and rewarding experience to become your own boss, to start up your own company. Here are some ways to promote your own small business and support your fellow entrepreneurs. Connect with Customers

Customers connect with small businesses for a more unique and personalized shopping experience. Take advantage of this opportunity to open up about who you are, what your vision is for your business, share your mission statement, and highlight the people behind the brand while creating stronger connections with your customers.

Write a post for LinkedIn detailing why you started the company, share struggles you face and how you overcome them, and praise the people who support you. Compelling stories are often shared, which can help refer new people to your business while inspiring others to consider starting their own. Support Fellow Business Owners

Connect with other small businesses in your area through social media or social networks. Making a post on social media is a great way to give a nod to fellow entrepreneurs, and in turn, they tend to respond with a similar acknowledgment. Social media has become a new way for small businesses to advertise and get their company in front of a broader audience who might not otherwise follow you.

Whether it is something for your business or a personal purchase, choosing to shop local is the best way to support small businesses. By keeping business in your own community, you put money towards creating jobs, help stimulate the local economy, reduce the environmental impact of your purchases, and can even help you find your new favorite local product. Investing in the entrepreneurship of others helps to grow the community of local businesses that everyone benefits from. Another method of connecting is to go beyond a social media post and reach out to other local business owners for an in-person conversation to collaborate. The connections you make can help you form a supportive community or even strategic partnerships with other entrepreneurs. Who knows, maybe your next supplier is right down the street! Promotions and Loyalty Discounts for your Customers

Your customers aided you to get where you are today, during holidays and promotional weekends is a great opportunity to give back and thank them for their business. By running a loyalty discount, or promotion you give a sense of exclusiveness to your clients who invested in your business. You can also offer a bonus discount for referrals to help spread the name of your brand by encouraging word of mouth or social media shout-outs; these are methods for free advertisement by those who have actually used your services or brand and is a great way to raise awareness of your business.

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