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Taxes: Rate Change Season

It’s schedule and rate change season!

This is just a friendly reminder to keep an eye out for notices from the IRS and state agencies regarding changes to your deposit schedules and unemployment rate(s) in 2022. It is also common for tax agencies to send notices to your clients any time between November and March of 2022. So be prepared!

For federal changes:

Good news! there’s nothing for you to do in this case! SFR uses the most frequent federal deposit schedule for everyone, so you are already compliant no matter what the change.

For state changes:

Each state operates differently, unfortunately, they do not always make people and businesses aware of these changes. Despite being aware, or not aware, of State changes, it is important to update your SUI rate(s) or your state deposit schedule(s) with SFR payroll QBO account - no need to contact us, you can make those updates on your own; or we are happy to update for you.

If nothing has changed:

You’re all set! There is nothing else you need to do.

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