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Jenyl B.

Jenyl joined SFR in December 2022 and has 6+ years of experience with bookkeeping and financial analysis. She received her BBA from Florida Atlantic University.​ Her favorite part about working at SFR is the company's love and support for its employees and clients.

Her favorite part of being an accountant is building relationships with her clients. Jenyl enjoys watching each client grow and being part of their success. She researches and finds patterns in clients' financial records and helps them avoid mistakes. She enjoys the day-to-day change of pace and is constantly learning new things. Jenyl's specialties include her attention to detail, research, and flexibility in her work.

Office Coordinator

Justin has been a member of the SFR team since January 2023 and is pursuing a career in Accounting. He is currently attending school in Southern New Hampshire to get a degree in Business Accounting. For the time being, he is getting his foot in the door as an office coordinator.


Since joining the SFR team Justin's hard work ethic and attention to detail have made him a great addition to the team. His favorite part of working with SFR is the family-friendly vibe and its supportive coworkers.  He specializes in support services for accurately detailed data entry and helping others see what is outside the box. His favorite part about accounting is helping others become their best self.

Justin M.
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